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It is a common misconception that Nutritional Therapy is regulated and that you have to join either BANT or AfN, or have a degree, to work as a Nutritional Therapist.  

Nutritional Therapy is unregulated, and there is no minimum educational requirement to work as a Nutritional Therapist.

To register with AfN you have to complete one of their accredited degrees. They do not accept any other.  Some providers have CPD accreditation with them but it is not the same, as you cannot become registered with them with one of these CPD qualifications.  If you check the following link from the AfN website, you will see that they accredit Nutritionists, and we run a Nutritional Therapy course, which is different.   We are accredited by the FNTP (see link for information), so you would be able to join them, and then register with the GRCCT (also see link). If you scroll down the page on the link, you will see their information on Nutritional Therapists - which includes our course accreditations -

Sadly there does seem to be conflict within the nutrition associations, which, as a training school, we do not get involved with, however, if we were paying membership fees, which were being spent on legal actions, we would not be very happy.  And in our opinion, in-fighting between associations is not good for their members.

We are accredited by the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, who are independent, and seem to stay out of the politics!  

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